By utilizing an integrated system of creative, technological and marketing disciplines, we transcend traditional branding models and move your brand from the top of your letterhead to the tip of everyone’s tongue.
In today’s marketplace, your brand needs to be interactive, experiential and versatile while maintaining its integrity which is why our mission is Building Brand Innovation.
Whether you’re sketching ideas on a napkin or marketing new software, the right design can convey the story and feeling better than dozens of written pages. Brand design, however, can’t exist in a vacuum; it needs to be informed, contextualized and directed.

This is why Focustribe Studios begins all brand design away from the drawing boards and design tablets. Our approach begins with research – lots of it. Only after garnering a thorough understanding of our client, market, customers, competition and goals do we ever begin brand design.

There are over 100 million websites with over 600 million daily users, over $180 billion in online retails sales and over 50 million Blogs (with two new Blogs being created every second). It looks like this internet thing might be catching on, but how do you and your brand catch on to the internet?

Our approach to web integration transforms brick-and-mortar ideas into digital innovations. And even though our online technical expertise extends from Enterprise Level CRM to Ecommerce Application Development, we always keep our eyes on the prize – energizing the brand.

Build it and they will come? Unfortunately, that only works in the movies. In the modern marketplace, customers only come when asked nicely and convinced completely.

That’s why our brand marketing approach personalizes customer interactions and simplifies the process of attracting and retaining clients. And as an integrated channel of our Building Brand Innovation approach, FOCUSONE2ONETM brings all of the creative and technological muscle of Focustribe to every Customer Relationship Management project.

+ Corporate Identity
+ Logo Design
+ Corporate Collateral Design
+ Graphic Design
+ Tradeshow Marketing & Design
+ Direct Mail Campaigns
+ Promotional CD ROM's
+ Copywriting Services
+ Web Strategy Development
+ User Interface Design
+ Flash Application Development
+ Content Management Solutions
+ CRM Solutions
+ Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions
+ Portal Application Development
+ Mobile Application Development
+ Social Networks
+ In./Ext. Portal Development
+ Business Intelligence Solutions
+ E-Learning/Product Simulation
+ Email Marketing
+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Viral Marketing
+ Banner Development
+ Online Advertising Strategy
+ Pay-Per-Click Consulting &
We love our clients and see ourselves as an integrated partner in their entire brand creation, visual communications and technology development - helping them not only to protect, but to grow and build a brand during these uncertain times, while investing in the future.
As more companies seek to build enterprise through the internet, the demand for customized & secured technology with integrated business intelligence is on the rise. 
Our powerful team of experts aligns the resources & intelligence to deliver the innovative edge that is required to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive business climate. We provide scalable B-to-B and B-to-C solutions that integrate both offline and online go-to-market strategies in support of the new ground rules for business sustainability in the Digital Age.
Roland Schertenleib
Chief Executive Officer / Creative Director
Martina Juchli
Chief Interactive Officer
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